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Welcome to the Best Value Academy.

This website was created by the Performance Based Studies Research Group at Arizona State University.

The purpose of the site is to host various educational material related to the Best Value Model that the group has been developing and testing since 1994.

Available Courses & Content

• Best Value Model Certification Training

This area of the website will help prepare you to become a certified user of the Best Value Model.  Certification cannot be gained from this online material alone.  Instead, it is intended to assist you in passing the required exam(s).There are 4 levels of certification, each with specific criteria.  This criteria is available for review, by selected a certification level from below:

B+ Certification

B Certification

(Level A and A+ sections will be made available soon.)

To sign-up for these courses, contact Alfredo Rivera at AlfredoORivera@asu.edu

• Deductive Logic

This area of the website is a full-featured online course developed by our research group.  This new approach to leadership teaches how performance is increased, not by methods of control (rules, standards, incentives, or direction), but by the accurate observation and alignment of people and conditions.  As you take this course you will learn how to quickly identify people and organizations around you.  Become a leader of alignment, and be able to do more with less!  This course is designed for corporate and public leaders working in the areas of Procurement, Contracts, Project Design and Management, IT, Facilities Management, Business Services, and Commodity Vending.

Click here to find out more.

To sign-up for this course, contact Alfredo Rivera at AlfredoORivera@asu.edu

• Best Value Model Project Kit

This area of the website provides supplemental material to organizations utilizing the Best Value Model for the procurement and delivery of projects and services.Access to this material requires organizations to have a current research contract with the our research group / Arizona State University.If you are interested in implementing the Best Value Model at your organization, and gaining receiving in-depth online and/or in-person education from our research group, please:

Contact us to find out more.

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