Introduction to Best Value Procurement : B Certification

Course Description:

This course will introduce the concepts and structure of the Performance Information Procurement System (PIPS). It is intended as education to prepare professionals looking to take the Best Value “B” Certification (BVC). The “B” BVC rating would certify that an individual has practical understanding of the PIPS concepts and passed the PIPS examination.



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Course Details:

This training course is designed for corporate and public leaders working in the areas of Procurement, Contracts, Project Design and Management, IT, Facilities Management, Business Services, and Commodity Vending. After taking this training course the participants will better understand the following:

  • Implementation of proven pre-planning techniques
  • Development of simple measurement strategies
  • The role of minimum standards in contracts
  • Use of weekly tools to measure deviations from a plan
  • Techniques to increase accountability in vendors, owners and team members
  • Risk minimization tools for project management
  • If you are a buyer: how to have more assurance in vendor/professional selection.
  • If you are vendor/professional: How to better differentiate yourself from your competition and how to help your clients become better clients to work with

PDH and CEU are available upon request

  • 15 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) available
  • 1 Certified Educational Units (CEUs) available

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is there course material/books required?  No, there are no course materials required for this course. However, there are available materials for purchase that are highly recommended for all project management related questions.
  2. What will I learn?  Have practical understanding of Performance Information Procurement System (PIPS) and concepts behind it.
  3. Is ASU selling something, like a software package?  No, we are educators and researchers. We provide the results of our research through educational forums throughout the world. We provide training and hands-on guidance for the implementation of our business process and its tools, methods, and structure.
  4. What do I do if I want more information or training?  Our team is available for private educational opportunities. We also offer our resources for those organizations that wish to become strategic partners and fully implement the ASU Best Value Organizational and Project Model. Please check out our professional resources located at and
  5. If I am interested in more information after the course, what do I do?  Go to for additional information on past and current research and email our administrator Sylvia Romero at
  6. Prerequisites?  NONE.
  7. Other Courses of Interest:  Visit this link for a list of other courses offered.


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